Olhos de Água

Olhos de Água is a small fishing village located in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. The village is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque cliffs, and clear waters, which make it a popular destination for tourists.

The name "Olhos de Água" means "eyes of water" in Portuguese, and refers to the freshwater springs that bubble up through the sand and rocks at low tide, creating small pools of clear water on the beach.

In addition to its natural beauty, Olhos de Água offers a range of restaurants, cafes, and bars, as well as shops selling locally made crafts and souvenirs. The village also has a small market where visitors can buy fresh fish and other local produce.

There are several beaches in and around Olhos de Água, including Praia dos Olhos de Água, which is the main beach in the village and is known for its golden sand and calm waters. Other nearby beaches include Praia da Falésia, which is a long stretch of sand backed by dramatic cliffs, and Praia da Oura, which is popular with younger crowds and has a lively nightlife scene.

Overall, Olhos de Água is a charming and peaceful destination that offers visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty and relaxed pace of life in the Algarve region of Portugal.

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